CountryWise Protection: Protecting You and Your Family

CountryWise Protection is a must for all country pursuit enthusiasts! Country pursuits carry risks with them which can lead to injury, legal expenses and inconvenience. CountryWise Protection offers solutions to all these problems!


With CountryWise Protection, peace of mind and protection are guaranteed! This is essential, especially when you are engaging in amateur competition or even sporting activities for fun. Whether you need to get cover for Personal Accident, pursue a personal injury claim or a claim for uninsured losses – CountryWise is here to protect you and your family.


Running alongside the Legal Expenses Insurance and Personal Accident Cover features, you will also gain access to a highly specialised team of legal experts via a Legal Advice Helpline who will answer any query you may have about the legal intricacies of your country pursuits: what specific rifle is required, any permits that are necessary, laws governing hunting - the list is endless! Additionally we will provide you with Legal Representation if you have a legal dispute which is insured under the insurance policy as a result of a Recognised Country Activity.



CountryWise Protection gives you MORE for your money

We offer two levels of country pursuits insurance protection:

About LawShield

LawShield UK Limited have been trading since 1997 and specialise in providing quality insurance products which are underwritten by leading insurers. Our products and services offer comprehensive cover and are competitively priced.

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Features and Benefits

CountryWise Protection is a legal expenses insurance contract which helps you by providing legal advice and representation if you have a legal dispute which is insured under the policy.


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What Is Covered?

The taking part legally in riding, hunting (including hunt followers), sporting shooting (including clay pigeon), rifle shooting and target shooting, angling (including sea, coarse and game angling), falconry and more.


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